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Shake-Away Fox Urine Powder

Having problems with chipmunks, groundhogs, mice, moles, possum, rabbits, shrew, rats, squirrels, voles, skunks and wood chucks in your lawn or garden?

Bird Proof Gel Roost Inhibitor
Shake-Away Fox Urine Powder blends the effectiveness of fox urine with Bird-X's patent-pending powder formula, to create the safest, simplest, most effective, 100% organic method to keep pesky animals away.

Fox urine powder works longer, smells stronger, and won't soak into the ground, evaporate or freeze like liquid fox urine.

SUGGESTED USES: Create a misleading image that foxes are present -- this helps direct chipmunks, groundhogs, mice, moles, possum, rabbits, shrew, rats, voles and woodchucks away, as the odor of a fox is a danger signal to them.

DIRECTIONS: Sprinkle along the perimeter of your lawn, bushes, trees, gardens or flowerbeds. Reapply twice a week or after rain or snow. Store in a cool dry area. Shake well before each use. To prolong life of repellent due to rain or evaporation, use in a Garden Scentry repellent container.


"I was having a terrible time with small animals in my flowerbeds. I heard about your SHAKE-AWAY
Fox Urine Powder product through a friend, and from the first day I used your product,
the animals stayed away. Thanks for the great product."

M S, Pennsylvania

"We used your coyote odor product to keep the deer out of our sweet corn. We were
quite pleased with the results, the deer stayed out. I will continue to use your great product."

C B, New York

"... your SHAKE-AWAY Fox Urine Powder works very well. I've seen only one squirrel
since I applied the powder. I'm very happy about that! We've had many many squirrels
this year and last. They have been invading my small garden, consuming even
tomatoes and blueberries! Thanks for a product that really works!"

JV, Georgia

Scientific Research

There has been much research in regards to how deer and rodents react to the smell of predator odor. Many studies have proven that scent-repellents with predator odor prove to be most effective. These studies state that, "These aromas (predator odor) indicate to a prey animal, that because a predator might be nearby, the prey should not stay.".

Case Studies

Scientists in Colorado tested the repellency of many items on tame mule deer. They found that the odor of "...coyote urine worked best at deterring and preventing deer from feeding."

In 1991 R.K. Swihart and his colleagues examined the average response of whitetail deer to predator and non-predator odors. The whitetail deer reacted strongly to the odor of coyote urine.

T.P. Sullivan and his colleagues studied the use of predator odor as repellents to reduce feeding damage by blacktail deer in British Columbia. The study's results indicated, quote "all predator odors worked well as repellents."



Price ($CDN)

S-A-F: 16 oz Container $20.00 each
S-A-F-6: 6 pack of 16 oz Containers $110.00 each


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